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I have been most fortunate to have learned from many volcano-teachers around the world. Here are some highlights:

Affiliate Professor, University of Hawaii at Hilo
Volcanology Consultant, Universal Pictures Film "Dante's Peak"
NYIRAGONGO Volcano (Eruption, refugee crisis)
MT. PINATUBO Volcano (Eruption disaster)
GORELLI and other volcanoes (Cooperative hazards studies)
ANATAHAN Volcano (Volcanic crisis)
LAKE KIVU and NYIRAGONGO Volcanoes (Hazards analysis)
LAKE NYOS volcanic maar (Disaster management)
RUIZ Volcano (Disaster management)
MAUNA LOA Volcano (Eruption)
ETNA Volcano (Eruption and lava diversion)
GALUNGGUNG & MERAPI Volcanoes (Eruptions, refugee crisis)
GAMALAMA Volcano (Post-eruption evaluation)

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